Welcome to our website, which features the UAE exchange rate and details about the currency AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) that is used in the United Arab Emirates. You can find a breakdown of the contents of this webpage below or in the pages-banner that is presented above.

To the right you can find a currency converter, which converts the United Arab Emirates Dirham to other currencies. Around fifty currencies are available with latest rates! You may freely use the currency converter for your purposes to calculate the UAE exchange rate. First, select either “from” or “to” in order to convert either from or to AED. For instance, the default setting in the converter calculates how many United Arab Emirates Dirhams 100 dollar equals. Vice versa, by selecting “to” you can find how many dollars 100 United Arab Emirates Dirhams equals. Second, select the amount you want to convert, you can also use decimals i.e. 250.5. Please be advised, the converter only accepts the “dot” or “.”, the comma “,” however does not function in this UAE Exchange Rate converter.

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Main currencies and abbreviations:
In our converter you can find many currencies of the world. Furthermore, here is a list of those currencies with abbreviations and official symbols.
Euro or abbreviated EUR (symbol €) is the European currency (replaced ECU, European Currency Unit in 1999) of the Eurozone. Currently 17/27 member states or countries use the euro.
USD (symbol $) is the United States Dollar, which is, in addition to the United States, used in many countries such as: Equador, El Salvador, East Timor, Palau, Panama, Turks and Caicos Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Caribbean Netherlands and British Virgin Islands.
GBP (symbol £) is the currency of the United Kingdom, it is also called “pound sterling”.
JPY (symbol ¥) is the Japanese Yen, which is the third most traded currency in the world after the USD and EUR.
CAD is the Canadian Dollar that is used in Canada, the symbol of the Canadian Dollar is usually $ or, C$ is also used to distinguish it between the USD.
Other major currencies include the following: AUD, which is the Australian Dollar; THB, which is the Thai Baht; HUF, Hungarian Florint and RUB as the Russian Ruble or rouble.

Contents of this webpage:
UAE Exchange: Information and details about the money transfer services of UAE Exchange.
UAE Dirham Exchange Rate: In-depth specifics about the UAE Dirham rate and history
AED Currency and UAE Currency: Further information about the currency, denominations, coins etc.
Dubai Currency: Focused characteristics of the currency used in Dubai
تحويل العملات : Consists of translated text in Arabic

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